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Cercle Francais de Winchester (www.cfwinchester.org.uk) is a charity, regulated by the Charity Commission, and aims to promote the French language and culture in Winchester and surrounding areas. It does so through a series of lectures, meetings and social events, proudly supported by the Alliance Francaise de Londres.

Its use of a previous website design, based on a content management and development framework platform, had failed to deliver the results necessary to sustain a manageable web-presence. An at-a-glance events programme and effective contact mechanism was needed to promote the activities of the group.

The Cercle's project manager and v.g. tick! quickly agreed on a simplified one-page design with sections dedicated to the work and history of the organization. A fully interactive map and a Contact Form was specified to help site visitors participate in scheduled events. A dynamic events programme lists and details the schedule of lectures.

Cercle Francais de Winchester has retained v.g. tick! for hosting, maintenance and related services as it continues to celebrate and promote French culture.

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