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showcasing medical innovation

Digostics (www.digostics.com) is a specialised business dedicated to the development of innovative diagnostic tests to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease and reduce the serious consequences of these conditions.

In the process of review and selection for a new supplier of web services, the CEO of Digostics - James Jackson - approached v.g. tick! with a rapid development opportunity, timed to coincide with planned market activities for its latest diagnostic platform.

Working with Digostics and its focused content, v.g. tick! was able to design a single-page, smooth navigation website to illustrate the product description, medical and technical references in a straight-forward, logical and engaging way. The website design had to reflect the existing brand guidelines and remain consistent with other marketing collateral.

In meeting the requirements to deadline, Digostics has retained v.g. tick! for future development and change management services.

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