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Formed as a new business in 2011, Willing Lightbulb (www.willinglightbulb.com) is an independent consultancy aimed at helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve business improvement through the adoption of quality principles set out in international standards.

The key challenge for v.g. tick! was to develop an easy to understand site that laid out a natural path of related information. Describing the principles of quality in a straight-forward way enables the site visitor to understand the reasons why adopting quality into a business makes sense.

Now in its third revision, the site is formed of a one-page smooth scrolling site with tighter navigation, using side-tabbed content and a slider of important concepts. Outbound links connect the visitor to branded sites featuring the Willing Lightbulb business arms.

v.g. tick! continues to provide hosting and maintenance services and is pleased to have worked with Willing Lightbulb, once again, for the latest generation of its web-presence.

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vgtick is a trading style of Willing Lightbulb Limited

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Registered in England. Company no. 07772179